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Created to achieve an old dream of its founder, Agri-Roncão was founded to produce wines of great quality.

Born in Penafiel, Vinhos Verde region, Domingos Ribeiro recovers from scratch Quinta de Linhares (located in the Sub-region of Sousa) and Quinta da Levandeira do Roncão, in the heart of the Douro region.

Agri-Roncão comercializes the brands DR, Quinta da Levandeira do Roncão and Quinta de Linhares. Agri-Roncão may be a difficult name to pronounce but for those who taste its wines, will certainly be a name difficult to forget.

Quinta da Levandeira do Ronção

With an extension of 250 000 ha, 50 000 ha of which with vineyard, the Douro Valley is the oldest demarcated region of the world, the birthplace of the oldest and most prestigious wine produced in Portugal, Port wine.

In the heart of the Douro, Quinta da Levandeira do Roncão is located in Vilarinho quotas, Alijó municipality, 9 km from the Pinhão. With 40 hectares of vineyard and an enviable stock of old Port wines, the property was acquired by Agri-Roncão in 2001 with the mission to produce exceptional wines. After a profound restructuring of the vineyard and winery, completed in 2005, in 2006 begins the commercialization of the first Douro wines and Port wines under the brand DR and Quinta da Levandeira the Roncão. The production of high-quality wines results from a careful selection of grapes, coming exclusively from Quinta da Levandeira, and the perfect combination of the most innovative winemaking techniques and traditional techniques of the Douro. The prevailing grape varieties are Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca.

Quinta de Linhares

Quinta de Linhares is located in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, sub-region of Sousa, in Penafiel. With a total area of 12 ha, this is where the Vinhos Verdes under the brand Quinta de Linhares are produced. Vinhos Verdes of excellence, produced exclusively with grapes from this vineyard. The dominant grape varieties are Loureiro, Avesso, Azal and Arinto.

The demarcated region of Vinhos Verdes, is located at the northwest of the country and covers an area of 21 hectares of vineyard. The geographical location, the climate, the soil, the native grape varieties and even some socio-economic factors mark the typicality and the freshness of the white wines produced in this region.

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