DR Port L70 Tawny Muito Velho

Very Old Tawny Port , aged in wooden barrels ( 70 years old ). It has a golden green color, with aromas of vanilla, notes of caramel, walnut and honey. In the mouth it is complex, dense, fresh with notes of dried fruit and spices. Rich and long finish.

DR Porto Roncão Muito Velho 100 Anos

DR Port Roncão Very Old 100 Years Old

Very Old Tawny Port , aged in wooden barrels ( + 100 years old ). With a dark greenish golden colour, it presents notes of roasting, honey, tobacco, walnut, caramel and orange. It is an endless sequence of aromas, a smooth and luscious wine, very complex with a finish that never ends.

DR Port Colheita 2005

Dense and concentrated , with red brick hues and firm tannins. The aroma presents a combination of fruity notes with some hints of wood. The mouth is fresh, elegant and with a persistent finish. Quality Port Wine, from a single harvest, produced and matured in oak barrels until its bottling.

DR Porto Colheita 2007

DR Port Colheita 2007

Dense and very concentrated, with hints of red and brick tones . The aroma is marked by the combination of remaining fruit flavors and some wooden notes. In the mouth it is fresh, dense and with a long and persistent finish. Quality Port Wine, from a single harvest, produced and matured in oak barrels until …

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DR Port LBV 2014

This LBV has a deep red colour with rich aromas of red fruits. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, dense, with sweet tannins of quality, giving this wine a enormous aging capacity .We suggest serving this Port with desert, matching perfectly with cheeses and cakes.

DR Port Vintage 2001

With a deep red colour, this Vintage has a good complexity and an intense aroma of wild berries. In the mouth it is dense and full-bodied, with soft notes of typical flavours and heat from the Douro, supported in a solid tannic structure with excellent acidity. With a balanced sweetness, it has a long and …

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DR Port Vintage 2002

This Vintage is intense, with an impressive deep purple colour, it reveals strong aromas of red fruit (especially raspberries and blackberries), firm tannins and a balanced structure. With the aging, it becomes smoother, more elegant and complex, acquiring softer colours and aromas very unique.

DR Port Vintage 2013

This Vintage presents a deep reddish colour, a huge complexity and structure, intense aromas of wild berries. The palate is dense and full-bodied, revealing an intense, persistent and long finish. It presents an enormous potential for aging. The bottle should be stored lying at a mild temperature, protected from light.

DR Port Vintage 2016

DR Port Vintage 2016

It presents a violet and opaque color. Intense and complex aroma, with notes of red fruits, as well as balsamic and iodized notes. In the mouth it is dense , with a lively acidity , marked by high quality tannins. With a very long and balanced finish.

DR Port Vintage 2017

DR Port Vintage 2017

Violet, opaque color. Intense and complex aroma with ripe notes of black fruits . In the mouth it is dense, with a lively acidity, marked by ripe tannins of high quality. In the mouth it presents an intense freshness and aromas of fruits. It has a sweet, aromatic and very long finish.

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